Anti-dust plug and magnetic break-away charging cable

The X-Cable: Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

Take a look at your device. It is therefor you, day in, day out. Unfortunately, when we get in a hurry, or just caught up in the daily challenges of life… we forget how sensitive our devices can be. I’m not talking feelings, I am talking about the ports. We yank the cords out, we plug them in without looking, we mash, smash, wiggle, jiggle, and otherwise destroy our ports without really knowing it. Let’s take a look at our most recent addition to the PortPlugs family. The X-Cable is currently available for Android users, but an iPhone version may be in the works.   Read More

Huawei Nexus by Google, what's new? FRom PortPlugs, the smartphone accessory, port cover, and anti-dust plug authority

The Huawei Nexus: What Google Did Differently

Google continues to amaze us on the mobile front, and Huawei has finally grabbed the coveted Nexus. They roll out gigantic “phablets”, wicked displays, and a plethora of features that can leave fans drooling for days. What do Google’s mobile developers have in store for us this year? Let’s find out. Read More

Make Your Smartphone New Again, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

Make Your Smartphone New Again

Our phones are with us through the thick of it all. Even the most careful gadget lover can see the evidence on a lived-with phone. Just look at your charging port. The ports on your phone are often the best way to tell what your phone is going through. The ports are a hub that collects particles and debris from each and every environment your phone comes in contact with.  Read More

LG G4 Features Making iPhone Users Jealous

If you are looking at an LG G4 features, there’s certainly plenty to be impressed by. They sure are making it difficult for the usual front-runners to stay at the top with a wave of new features that could make an iPhone user a little jealous. Boasting one of the world’s most impressive display screens, the G4 is sure to take the lead for users who love a good visual. The IPS Quantum Display is stunning, with vivid colors, perfect contrast, and well-balanced. Read More