new iphone concepts

What to Expect from the New iPhone 7 Concepts

With fascinating new technology always around the corner, it isn’t hard to believe the amount of speculation about Apple’s next iPhone and what features it may possess. Everyone has dreams of what they want form the new iPhone, so let’s take a look at some of the most innovative new iPhone 7 concepts we may have to look forward to. Read More

What The Repair Shop Won't Tell You- PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

5 Things a Phone Repair Shop Technician Won’t Tell You

If you take the time to talk to any repair technician, you will pick up on some vital phone repair tips. One of the biggest obstacles that technicians face with customers seeking phone repairs, is customers who aren’t fully aware of the time and care that goes into a safe and quality repair job. These are the people that handle your technology with care and deal with this stuff on a daily basis. So, before you head to phone repair shop, there are a few things your wireless repair technician wants you to know. Read More

Tangled Headphones? Find out why, from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

The Science Behind Tangled Headphones

Grr! My headphones are always in a wadded tangled mess. I mean, I am not a messy person. I take care of my things and try my hardest to keep them smoothed out, so why do they always end up in a jumbled mess? There is actually a scientific explanation for constantly tangled headphones. Let’s check it out. Read More