protect a new iphone

Protect A New iPhone For Less Than $6

With Mother’s day right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to pick out the perfect gift.  So what do you get for a mom who already has a shiny new iPhone? Our aluminum PortPlugs are stylish, affordable and they are an effective way to protect mom’s ports from dust, lint, and any other fluff in the bottom of her purse.   Read More

DIY Smartphone Projector, how to get it, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Make a DIY Smartphone Projector

How many times have you wanted to share a video with a multitude of people, only to find yourselves crowded around a smartphone, running out of shoulder room, and not fully catching what was supposed to be shared to begin with? It has happened to us all. More often than not, the most convenient device is the one we have on us at the time something amazing happens, so we need to get used to adapting in this awesome new world of possibilities. Impress your family, friends, or even your date with this super handy trick to making a smartphone projector with household objects. It’s simple and it’s fun. But, be careful, you might just impress someone! Read More

Remove a Broken Headphone Plug, help from PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

How to Remove a Broken Headphone Plug from Your iPhone

When you have a problem with your phone, there are always going to be forums that tell you how to fix them. The problem with these, is that they are often difficult, not adjusted to our knowledge or skill-set, or require some odd collection of tools that the average Joe doesn’t have lying around. Read More

Smartphone Starter Guide- Optimization for new users.

Smartphone Starter Guide: How To Optimize Your New Device

For the budding techie in everyone, there are certain things you should know when it comes to your new smartphone. Even if you are familiar with these wonderful new contraptions, you may want to take a look at some of the best tips and tricks to setting up your new smartphone, and keeping it running great. Sit back and invoke the knowledge of the smartphone starter guide- giving everything you need to consider to get your new companion ready to do great things. Read More

Best Smartphone Cameras of 2015

It seems like any more, the best camera is just the one you happen to have with you when something amazing happens. More often than not, that is your smartphone. It seems so much ease now, to just pull out the phone you already had in your pocket, snap a picture, send it to grandma, and share it across every social media network you subscribe to. But, only if the picture is good, right? To be certain you are always getting the best shot, here is an updated list of the 5 best smartphone cameras that are out there right now. Read More

iphone 6 tips and shortcuts, by PortPlugs, the dust plug, port cover, and smartphone accessory authority

10 Cool Things Your iPhone Can Do: iPhone 6 Tips and Shortcuts

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with technology, even for a techie! With new technology coming out every week, your head may be spinning trying to figure out all of the nifty tricks your new gadgets can do. With every new model, Apple and other leaders in the mobile industry are coming up with convenient tricks and shortcuts to make the shortcuts we already had… even shorter. Read More