iphone 6 scratch removal method

How to Remove Scratches from Your iPhone 6

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a brand new iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter).  But no matter how careful you are, it’s bound get scratches over time, whether because of the car keys in your pocket, an accidental drop of the phone on the floor, etc.  So don’t panic when it happens, you don’t necessarily need to get the screen repaired or buy a new phone because there are a number of ways you can protect and remove iPhone 6 scratches and scuffs. Read More

Cooling an overheating phone

How to Cool Down an Overheating Smartphone

If you’ve ever felt intense heat coming from your smartphone, you know that your device can heat up fairly quickly and could possibly lead to burning your skin. While you can control some factors of why your phone may overheat, you cannot control the others, such as how your phone was designed. However there is plenty that you can do to avoid the damage sustained by overheating smartphones.  If you want to avoid damaging your phone or even worse burning your skin, then follow the tips mentioned below and your phone will be protected. Alright, so here goes: Read More

clean a dirty headphone jack

How to Clean a Dirty Headphone Jack

Almost everybody uses a smartphone. Most people take great care of their phones. They keep them safe using protective covers which are shock absorbent. They stick transparent covers on the screen of their phone to prevent scratches. However, most people neglect to take care of a pretty important thing on their phones.  Wondering what it is?  Well, you use it just about every day so guessing should be easy, no? Alright, it’s your phone’s headphone jack/port. Can you remember the last time you cleaned it? Have you ever cleaned it before? Read More

How to download voicemail

How to Download Voicemail Messages

Have you ever received a really special voicemail message?  Maybe it was a heart-warming message from your child, a special greeting from one of your favorite family members or a memorable voice message from a loved one who passed away.  So how do you get it off your phone and have the ability to listen whenever you think of them, without the risk of accidentally deleting it? Read More

How to Avoid a Mobile Virus

How to Protect Your Smartphone from a Virus

It goes without saying that where there is computer related technology, regardless of the size of the devices, there are bound to be viruses lingering around. And with things going so fast in the modern world where you can see new technology coming out every year, it is no wonder that the mobile technology revolution has given rise to a number of viruses which are programmed to wreak havoc and cause malicious damage to smartphones and tablets along with a number of other devices. Read More