Protect Your Phone or Tablet Without A Case

When you made your iPhone or tablet purchase, chances are good that you spent a sizable chunk of money. These types of devices can cost hundreds of dollars, and when one breaks, it can really ruin a perfectly good day! Knowing this, most people take the necessary steps to provide important protection for their electronic investments. However, a common problem that many people encounter is the price for protective cases. For example, some OtterBox cases, which are widely considered to be the gold standard for iPhone protection, can cost upwards of $100.00. Let’s take a look at some more affordable steps you can take to offer protection. Read More

Port Plugs And Protection

As a society we continue to place great importance on technological innovations. Many of these technological advances have led to the creation of the devices that we love, and sometimes take for granted, each and every day. These days a phone is not just a phone. iPhones have revolutionized the ways in which we use our phones on a daily basis. Additionally, tablets, ipods and other devices have become an integral part of the lives of everyone. All of these devices share one commonality, and that is the fact that they have receivers for headphones and other plug-ins. Port plugs offer a way to prevent these areas from experiencing corrosion. Read More

Importance of Dust Plugs for Tablets

It might have taken you a little while to figure out why people started showing up with small charms of various shapes and colors on the tops of their iPhones. If you don’t already know, this little charm is much more than a simple fashion accessory. These small trinkets are called dust plugs, and for good reason. It actually serves a valid purpose in phone protection by sealing up the hole in the top of your phone to keep dust and moisture away from important interior areas. In actuality, these little plugs are important for other devices as well. Perhaps the electronic devices which benefit the most from them are tablets. Read More

Dust Plugs for iPhones

Dust plugs are starting to become more popular than ever before. The reason for this popularity is that they are perfect for offering protection to smart phones, and particularly iPhones. These small plugs act as dust blockers for the hole where you plug your headphones in. It is a proven fact that dust can cause immediate issues within your phone, including connectivity issues and sound malfunctions. Once the dust settles inside your iPhone, it is nearly impossible to remove it without damaging the device in the process. It is important to prevent damage from ever occurring by taking the necessary preventative measures to ensure the safety of your investment. Read More